Have You Reunited With Your Twin Flame?

Twin Flames

Have you met your twin flame? How do you know? I honestly did not believe in the whole concept until I experienced for myself.

I was at a place in my life where I was content with being alone. I had finally found myself and my inner peace, or so I had thought. I was enjoying my life, my alone time, the ability to be completely free of the need or desire to be constantly adjusting my life to accommodate a partner. Don’t get me wrong. I kept the thought in my mind that if I found someone who enhanced my life, someone who encouraged me and allowed me to be free to be myself and I encouraged the same in them, then by all means bring him in. I was no longer compelled to exert any additional energy searching for it. I had become content but even more so, unexpectedly complacent?

One day out of the blue I saw him. It was a simple meeting of the eyes but in that moment I received a bolt of energy like none I have ever experienced. It was like time stood still and and eternity of knowing hit me all at once in an instant. It was such a feeling of recognition and comfort. All my previous relationships have started in a similar manner. I always knew almost the first time I laid eyes on a future partner that we would be together. I think this happens with all our soul mates. We just know that they are the person we are meant to be with. At least I think most people experience this? But meeting my twin flame was not the same. Not even close! I am now absolutely positive there is such a thing as twin flames and finally reuniting with them in this physical world is pure Cosmic magic. It has taken me nearly a year and a tremendous amount of inner soul searching to come to terms with this connection.

Finding your twin will initially feel like a soul mate for most of us but with some beautiful, albeit painful, twists. (My personal understanding of a soul mate is anyone that we shared previous lives with and come together in this current life to work out karmic ties. These relationships are intense and extreme and can last weeks, months or years, but in the end they leave you still searching for an explainable elusive ‘something’) Our twin flame ends that search. Regardless of whether you  are able to physically stay together in this life as a couple or as just best friends, you will never be the same. According to all that I have read on twin flames, there are overwhelming hurdles to overcome to maintain physical union. Twin flame love is meant to change the world, uplift and heal the collective. We are in a time where twin flames are meant to come together so it is no surprise to me that there would be forces working against them staying united. The power of reunited twin flames to create positive change in the world is unlimited.

This brings me to my personal understanding of what a twin flame really is. There is a plethora of information out there so I will not reinvent the wheel here. My understanding is that there are signs that help to differentiate your twin flame from a soul mate. I won’t go into detail on all these signs but will just point out  what I personally experienced:

  • Your twin flame gives you an incredible feeling of acceptance and vice versa. When with them you finally feel as if you can be your authentic self with no fear of judgement. You can share with them the deepest parts of yourself that you would normally never dream of sharing. There are no masks or barriers. There is no desire to present yourself in a ways you normally do to impress someone. In fact you feel the urge to expose aspects of yourself that you refuse to disclose to others. Consequently you accept them exactly as they are. Their flaws, their weaknesses, their fears, everything about them is perfect. You feel no desire to change them. Your only desire is to want the very best for them. You see their potential but you have no desire to force them to change either. You know deep within yourself that they will reach that potential and there is a joy in knowing that you will always be there to encourage them on their journey. It is hard to express the level of acceptance that is mutually given to one another.
  • There is unconditional love for your twin flame. You find that you want what is best for your twin regardless of whether that involves you or not. You intrinsically understand that you are in each other’s life to heal and release the shadow aspects of yourself at the deepest level. The relationship can be terrifying to twins who are wounded and fearful of loving and losing. This often seems to create the runner/chaser dynamic as apparently one twin tends to be more advanced at a soul level and understands the connection more so than the other. This means that you allow your twin to the time they need to process their feelings and deal with their own personal issues. There is no judgement, just a desire to help them in whatever manner they need you to participate. Not understanding these dynamics can seriously deter the potential you share.
  • Your twin flame inspires you. Coming together with your twin triggers a sense of your true purpose in life. In a nutshell, they make you want to be a better person. Their energy somehow pushes you to go within and release all fears. They inspire you to search your soul and bring out the blocks within yourself that have been holding you back. You no longer feel alone in the world and you find a greater understanding that there is power in allowing yourself to be vulnerable knowing they do not judge you. Somehow them believing in you and loving you unconditionally releases your true essence. You no longer are content to just dream of a better life, you want to create it. Your twin inspires you to take action.
  • Your twin flame will bring out a desire to contribute to a better world somehow. All of a sudden you can see yourself helping others awaken and thrive. You understand that you have a purpose and the love you share with your twin flame inspires you to find that purpose or come back into alignment with it. It is no longer just about having a life that is defined by material success. It becomes about how to contribute to the world in a positive way and understanding that the Universe will take care of your needs. Twin flame energy combined seems to automatically uplift and energize people around them. They inspire others simply by being together and the twin flames sense that combined power. Twin flames desire to give back to the world, not take from it.
  • You get the strong urge to make changes. No matter what it is in your life that you have been avoiding or trying to repress, it seems as though connecting with your twin flame will expose it and bring it to light. The twin flame mirrors back to you all aspects of yourself in a loving way. Their acceptance of you gives you the strength and ability to find your true essence, your true purpose. Who are you when you no longer feel judged or feel obligated to confine yourself to external socially acceptable expectations? You have the strong desire to break free of old paradigms and shine your inner light. The urge to initiate these changes will feel very uncomfortable. There is anxiety, uncertainty, outright fear, but underneath all of those feelings is a deep sense of strength. Something within has been triggered and encourages you to forge ahead anyway. You know that your twin flame will be there with you whether physically or energetically to inspire you to reach your full potential.
  • Your twin flame will give you an unshakable knowing deep within that you are with the one. It is that simple. You can question the connection, deny it, run from it, analyze it, fear it, try to push it away but in the end you will accept it for what it is. You will simply love this person and want the very best for them regardless of whether they are with you or not. You know that you have met and connected with the missing ‘something’. You will finally comprehend that love is eternal and so much more than what we have been forced to believe via indoctrination in this construct. Finding and loving your twin flame is finding home. We have the ability to uplift the world simply by living the truth of this love.
  • Your twin flame is a bizarre kind of mirror to yourself. They seem to not only reflect back to you so many similarities that it borders on ridiculous, but also seem to compliment all of the the areas you lack. Together your personalities create a perfect balance. Yin and yang aligned. For example, if you are high-strung your twin will be relaxed. If you are unpredictable, your twin will be stable, etc. In the presence of your twin flame there is no competition, no desire to force the other to your perspective though you may be diametrically opposed in some areas. Rather there is a deep admiration and respect for your differences which you would normally not accept in other relationships. You love them even more for these differences rather than judge them or expect them to change. Being with them allows you to be vulnerable to your differences where you would normally be defensive. It is human behavior to judge differences rather than understand and accept them, especially our partners. Having someone as a mirror that has no judgement but only loving acceptance of all aspects of ourselves in turn gives us the power to love ourselves in a way no other relationship will. We know we are loved by them unconditionally and the only person left that needs to love you in this same way now is you!

I will not speak for my twin. One day I hope he will speak about this on his own accord. I can say that I know he values me and wants me connected to his life although I don’t think he even quite understands why. There are many barriers currently that keep us separated and these barriers he may find insurmountable. I don’t know. I do know that without his energy and inspiration, I would not be making some major changes to my life. He has helped me reconnect to my purpose, to walk my talk. I have shown him who I am warts and all and he accepts me as I am and although he may not comprehend unconditional love on a conscious level, I feel his love for me from the heart level. Currently he still equates love to many of the physical levels and more than likely will enter a soul mate relationship to learn more of what love is not. It is my personal belief that soul mates teach us that. All the things that love is not. Unfortunately some never rise to the next level and continue to create karmic ties bound by ego.

Reuniting with my twin flame has given me an even deeper ability to assist and guide my clients on their own journey. I am working with more and more clients that have reunited with their twin flame as well. Funny how life has that perfect synchronicity of guidance!


One thought on “Have You Reunited With Your Twin Flame?

  1. Jackie says:

    Thank you. This is the best explanation of a twin flame. You put into words how I feel about mine. We aren’t together at this time, which makes some of your explanations all the more poignant.

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