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Pharrah, what can I say? You are the best! Pharrah is quick with her intuition & does not waver with her advice. She goes on to explain the why’s & why nots of the situation which always gives more clarity into the subject. Pharrah is kind & caring & will not waste your time. You will be satisfied.


Anna, you are incredible. you said “the cable guys are here”, just when I wanted to ask my last question, and our talk time was 7-mins, I was thinking Anna wanted to tell me I already used 7-mins, enough of my questions. 15-sec. after we hung up, the phone rang, it’s the cable guys. I just hope all of what you told me tonight are like that. Right On!!!!! Love You and BIG **Hugs**

Mark Jance / Facebook

Wow…I am just overwhelmed…Anna picked up immediately on everything. I have been wanting to talk to her but her availability has not been during the times I can call. So I really lucked out tonight. Thank you so much, Anna. If you are thinking about calling, just do it with confidence. All I did was say a name…and she knew. Again, thank you…for the advice and for the encouragement.